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Introducing the Lab

Introducing the Lab by More to Come

Welcome to our new lab. This is supposed to be our playground, where we can ramble on about our current projects, new experiments, interesting development or whatever comes to mind. Of course visual communication will be the main focus. We took the opportunity to do some general code optimization as well.

We received an email the other day reminding us to renew the moretocome.dk domain. This means we have been in business for almost a year, and we must say it has been fun, hectic and amazingly interesting. Our clients have fortunately all been satisfied with us, and we are grateful to every one of them. If the following years will provide just a fraction of the stimulating challenges we have seen so far, we are in for an awesome adventure.

This is all from our first Lab entry. Feel free to drop a comment on our FB-wall or share if you feel like it. Hopefully there will be many More entries to Come.

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